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Avatar Fok!User Character Level Gender Race Class Guild Epeen: PvE/Achieve/PvP/Gold?
KreKkeR Sergeant Major Krekker 80 Male Night Elf Druid Simplicity 194/2250//0
Rawdemin 70 Male Human Warlock 0/1010//0
R_o_N Aliza , Hand of A'dal 80 Female Human Priest Augment 170/1665//0
R_o_N Kiekeboe 80 Male Gnome Rogue Augment 0/560//0
Deirtje Deirdre 76 Female Night Elf Druid 94/1050//0
Pien85 Aquanarine 35 Female Human Mage the royal defenders 0/0//0
Pien85 Pientje 15 Female Night Elf Druid the royal defenders 0/0//0
xSoDx Master Sergeant Faithi 72 Female Human Priest 113/450//0
xSoDx Sergeant Major Krizs 75 Male Gnome Mage 152/815//0
xSoDx Corporal Elpimpish 80 Male Gnome Rogue 96/480//0
Zosk Zosk the Immortal 80 Female Night Elf Rogue Deeprun Tram Poker Club 461/4655//0