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Fok! Fok Wow Characters
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Avatar Fok!User Character Level Gender Race Class Guild Epeen: PvE/Achieve/PvP/Gold?
S3rp3nt Commander Coop 80 Female Night Elf Rogue The Phoenix Reborn 194/2030//0
S3rp3nt Knight Serp 70 Male Human Mage 0/0//0
SharQueDo Sharqy 58 Male Blood Elf Paladin Dark Passion Play 177/650//0
Shine87 Nimasuus 70 Male Draenei Shaman 77/710//0
Junglebeast Greywise 80 Male Human Mage 173/620//0
Junglebeast Persian 70 Female Draenei Hunter 159/550//0
Thrilled Rayin 72 Male Blood Elf Priest 126/460//0
SharQueDo Private Sharquedo 80 Female Night Elf Hunter 103/560//0
SharQueDo Lithariel 76 Female Blood Elf Priest Dark Passion Play 0/380//0
Sapstengel Sapporo the Patient 80 Male Troll Warrior Edge of Sanity 0/0//0
Croga Croga of the Nightfall 80 Male Night Elf Priest Gone fishing 482/3010//0
Croga Uncleardak the Explorer 80 Male Night Elf Priest NiD 232/0//0
Croga Ramalcotte 80 Male Dwarf Priest Gone fishing 161/580//0
Sapstengel Triptíco 70 Female Blood Elf Mage Broken few 372/1840//0
SharQueDo Matron Icebear 80 Female Night Elf Druid Built For PvP 350/2850//0
SharQueDo Stellá 14 Female Draenei Shaman Everlast 0/200//0
SharQueDo Lorettá 15 Female Draenei Shaman Everlast 0/0//0
basimah Sessurea 49 Female Draenei Shaman The Last Exiles 0/300//0