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Fok! Fok Wow Characters
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Avatar Fok!User Character Level Gender Race Class Guild Epeen: PvE/Achieve/PvP/Gold?
Migwi Legionnaire Cyndane 70 Female Blood Elf Hunter Far Dareis Mai 192/0//0
Migwi Corporal Renna 70 Female Night Elf Rogue 0/0//0
Migwi Sergeant Caraighan 70 Female Night Elf Warrior 0/0//0
DjNivek Madoka 59 Female Human Death Knight 272/0//0
Emme-r-tje Private Travolura 70 Female Night Elf Hunter 0/0//0
erwinbey Sergeant Major Priestbey 80 Female Night Elf Priest Virtue 196/690//0
erwinbey Lockbey , Champion of the Naaru 80 Female Human Warlock Virtue 205/840//0
Emme-r-tje Travock 35 Male Human Warlock 0/0//0
DrukVout Jordybe the Insane 80 Male Night Elf Warrior Gathering of Dudes 247/3840//0
VatosLoco Lavendor Jenkins 80 Male Night Elf Rogue Gothic Dragons 0/1105//0
VatosLoco Aloys 16 Male Human Warrior Gothic Dragons 0/550//0
Fipotje Fajah 80 Female Human Rogue Brotherhood of Kings 0/0//0